Jet Lag Advice

Tips to help minimise the impact of jet lag:
  1. First and foremost, ‘up when there is light and to bed when its dark’ this is helpful for our hormonal readjustment, but can be a tad tricky when the sun sets at 5pm – so just not too late to bed at night.
  2. Exposure to early morning sunshine to help reset that day/night clock pattern.
  3. Around 4/5pm your baby’s body will say ‘sleep NOW’, therefore anticipate the sudden tiredness and let your baby sleep, maybe just one cat nap (about 45 mins).
  4. That 3 to 4am waking will pass, just be kind and keep the stimulation LOW, lighting low, and voices low.
  5. Jet lag will pass, so be kind and gentle and try to support your baby and provide sleep opportunities as needed. You may need to wake them from their late afternoon sleep so you can do the evening rituals prior to dinner and bath – before everyone collapses into bed for the night.
  6. Make sure you do NOT turn on any lights when they wake at night etc you do NOT want to stimulate them.
  7. Should your baby be one who is needing their night sleep to start at 5pm, just work in small time increments of adjustment and try keeping them awake for an extra 15 minutes each 2 to 3 days.
Remember to go through the steps:
  1. Have they eaten? Are they full? – We cannot go to sleep on an empty stomach therefore nor can our babies!
  2. Have they been changed? – A fresh nappy before nap/sleep time is always a more comfortable way for our little ones.
  3. Are they Ill? – If your little one is running a temperature etc just be aware and make sure right medication is given/ Dr apps are booked etc
  4. Are they over tired? – This is a hard one because it means you putting your foot down and realising that your child is OVER TIRED and no matter how much they fight it, sleep is whats best for them right now, this make include tears and tantrums as they feel all over the place just as we do when we are sleep deprived.
It helps to keep some patterns such as the evening routine as this helps babies with the readjustment to local time.
Feel free to email me or invest in one of Sleep Packages for more support!
Lots of love,