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They’ll Grow Out Of It – Right?

Maybe you’ve talked about getting some help, but every night you cling to the hope that this night, this is the night when they (and you) sleep right through.

Nanny Alex has a lot of feedback and testimonials that start with ‘‘when we finally contacted Nanny Alex’’. Reaching out for help is a tough decision. We hear a lot of ‘it’s just a phase’, ‘They will grow out of it’  Maybe a Sleep Support Worker seems extreme for a child 6 months – 11 years.

As any parent will tell you often the key to your child’s happiness and their mood is their sleeping pattern. But sometimes parents are unsure of what to do to help their child get the best sleep possible.

Well, Nanny Alex is here to help. We offer Online Sleep Support to mum’s and dad’s looking to understand more about how best to settle your child at night.


Create a Safe Room Atmosphere


Encouraging good sleep and wake habits

Create a Schedule


Behavioural modifications and associations

Create good sleep associations within the new routine


Support for Parents

Available Packages

With the right support, you can start to enjoy a night of sleep again.

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