Weaning at Christmas

When you are all sitting round the table tucking into a seriously delicious roast, it can get your little one a bit jealous ( I don’t blame them!) so here are some tips for this festive period!

Festive finger food

A roast dinner can work well for children who are now having finger food.

You can cut up vegetables such as parsnips and carrots into shapes that are easy to hold, roast vegetables are easy to chew on as they are soft and can be cut into easy hold shapes etc. You can also give your little one a bit of turkey to suck on and try and chew, please make sure you stay with your baby at all times in case of choking as they are only just getting used to solids, I recommend starting weaning at 6 months plus. If your baby can hold their head up, sit in a high chair etc.


If you do not feel comfortable giving your baby finger foods just yet then you can puree the foods, if the foods are still tough then steam them first (such as vegetables) then mash them up for your little one. You know if your baby is ready or not.


Second stage weaning

For older babies eating meat, you can add the turkey to the purée at a ratio of 25% meat to 75% vegetables.

But steer clear of pouring in the gravy too. Gravy is too salty for babies, instead you can use  watered-down chicken stock, or I have seen some parents use milk instead which works just as well.

Potatoes won’t purée well in an electric blender, so don’t lump them in with the rest of your veg. The metal blade breaks down the starches and the potatoes get sticky, Instead purée them in a potato ricer.


To get your baby off to a good start with solid foods:

  • Let them enjoy touching and holding the food
  • Allow your baby to feed themselves, using their fingers, as soon as they show an interest
  • It may take time for your baby to accept a new food – keep trying, as it may take several attempts
  • Don’t force your baby to eat – wait until the next feed if they’re not interested this time
  • If you’re using a spoon, wait for your baby to open their mouth before you offer the food – your baby may like to hold a spoon too
  • Allow your baby to go at their own speed
  • Start by offering just a few pieces or teaspoons of food, once a day
  • Cool hot food and test it before giving it to your baby

If you have any questions please do contact me my details are below, wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!