Reflexology is a magical therapy. With me, it’s gentle, non-invasive and a brilliant way to give your whole body, including organs and hormone glands a boost. Not only brilliant for adults, I can also teach you how to give your baby or child reflexology to help support their health. There is also a large and ever-growing body of clinical research investigating reflexology and how it can help so many different things.

How does it work? The body has been mapped onto the feet, mainly on the soles but also along the edges and along the top. As pressure is applied, the nerve endings are activated in your feet that are linked up to the organs etc. This helps to remove any communication blockages and tension that may be there. It also stimulates the body to help it be more efficient, and to work better.

Reflexology is also wonderful at reducing anxiety, stress and worry enabling you to relax. When you relax, you sleep better which in turn helps everything in your body.

During pregnancy, reflexology helps with a whole host of symptoms and side effects including back pain, constipation and reducing swelling. After pregnancy, it helps support your body as it goes back to how it was (or as close to as possible!) before you were pregnant.

Reflexology with children is truly brilliant as they respond to it so quickly. It can help with so many things including digestive problems, reducing coughs and colds, and helping calm them when they are fractious and over-stimulated.

This is an incredibly brief overview of how reflexology should arguably be the go-to treatment for everyone (health permitting). If you are pregnant, have a baby or want help with your child, it gets better as I will come to you at home.