Homeopathy is safe to use during pregnancy. Take one dose as required.  Repeat after one hour if needed.  If there is no improvement after two doses then the remedy is wrong and you should seek help finding a better remedy for you. 

Don’t take multiple remedies. If you have more than one symptom, find the remedy that most closely matches all of your symptoms.  If you are experiencing on going pain and discomfort you should seek the help of a homeopath or medical practitioner.   

First aid homeopathy prescribing is not instead of emergency health care.   If you need a Doctor call a Doctor.  If you need emergency treatment please go to hospital.

This list was compiled by Mary Aspinwall (creator of Helios remedy kits) it is a really useful quick list to help you find the initial remedies … then look them up and find the one which suits your symptoms.   

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Abandoned feeling: Pulsatilla

Acne, with red, painful eruptions: Belladonna 
Acne, on the chin and jaw line: Sepia

Abdomen, abdominal soreness, bruised sensation: ArnicaSepia
Abdomen, bearing down type pains: ChamomillaPulsatillaSepia
Abdomen, bloated and hard: Ant tartArg nitCarbo vegChina
Abdomen, bloated, better for belching: Ant tartArg nitCarbo veg
Abdomen, bloated, not any better for belching: China
Abdomen, feels flattened: Pulsatilla
Abdomen, pains after grief: Arsenicum
Abdomen, pains, cramping and griping: ArsenicumGelsemium
Abdomen, tearing pain in one spot: Pulsatilla
Abdomen, tight, brittle, over strained sensation: Apis
Abdomen, spasmodic pains, with chills, perhaps after anger: Bryonia
Abdomen, walls feel bruised: Pulsatilla

Affection, loss of, for loved ones: Aconite, Sepia

Anger, irritability: ChamomillaIgnatiaNux vomicaSepia

Ankle, pain with swelling: Lycopodium

Anxiety, general: Ant tartAconiteIgnatia
Anxiety, about domestic matters: Calc carbPulsatilla
Anxiety, intense, lasting 2-3 hours: Ant tart
Anxiety, with fear and restlessness: Aconite
Anxiety, after emotional upset: Ignatia


Back pain, general: Arg nit
Back pain,as if broken: Phosphorus
Back pain, lumbar: BelladonnaNux vomicaPulsatillaRhus tox
Back pain, burning, lumbar: Rhus tox
Back pain, dragging, lumbar: BelladonnaNux vomicaPulsatillaRhus tox
Back pain, rheumatic: Aconite, Rhus tox

Belching: Ant tart, Carbo veg, ChinaLycopodium
Belching, after over eating: Bryonia
Belching, bitter, nauseating: Bryonia
Belching, gives relief: Ant tart
Belching, gives temporary relief: Carbo veg
Belching, sour: Nux vomica
Belching, sour and empty: Carbo veg
Belching, with heartburn: Natrum mur
Belching, sweet: Natrum mur

Bladder; cystitis: Calendula
Bladder; cystitis, after intercourse: Staphisagria
Bladder; cystitis, with intense burning before, during and after urination: Cantharis
Bladder, crampy: Lycopodium
Bladder; straining to urinate, with no success: BelladonnaCantharisPulsatilla
Bladder, desire to urinate, with no success: Lycopodium
Bladder; frequent urge to urinate: Aconite, LycopodiumPulsatillaSulphur
Bladder, frequent, urination at night: Phosphorus
Bladder; involuntary, urination: ArsenicumBelladonnaPulsatillaNatrum murSepia
Bladder; urination, painful: PulsatillaNux vomicaStaphisagriaSulphur

Bleeding, uterine: ApisChamomilla, Ipecac, Phosphorus
Bleeding, uterine, when first period would be due: Calc carb
Bleeding, uterine, in the third, fifth or seventh month: Sepia
Bleeding, uterine, after shock, fright or bad news: Ignatia
Bleeding, uterine, after over exertion: Arnica
Bleeding, uterine, after injury or physical shock: Arnica
Bleeding, uterine, better for lying down: Ignatia
Bleeding, uterine, painless, steady flow at sixth month, Phosphorus
Bleeding, uterine, threatened miscarriage: PhosphorusSepia

Breasts, abscess, painful: Hepar sulph
Breasts, mastitis, infection, painful, pale breasts worse any motion: Bryonia
Breasts, mastitis, infection, painful, hot, throbbing breasts: Belladonna
Breasts, pain: BelladonnaBryoniaCalc CarbCalendulaPulsatillaSepia
Breasts, pain, hard knots in: Sepia
Breasts, pain, neuralgic: Pulsatilla
Breast, pain under nipples: Calendula

Breathing, asthmatic, wheezing: Carbo veg
Breathing, difficult: Lycopodium, Nux vomicaPulsatilla
Breathing difficult, due to upward pressure from baby: Nux vomica

Breathlessness on exertion: Carbo veg


Chilliness, after broken sleep, anxiety: Pulsatilla

Clumsiness: Calc carb

Cramps: Calc carbMag phosPhosphorus

Colicky pains, after emotional upsets: ArsenicumIgnatia

Constipation: SepiaPulsatilla

Cough: Ant tartBryoniaDroseraPhosphorus

Cravings for odd (indigestible) things: Sepia


Dandruff, with increased tendency for headaches: Calc carb

Delirium: Belladonna

Diarrhea: ApisChamomillaChinaPhosphorus
Diarrhea, anus feels open: Apis
Diarrhea with colicky pains: Chamomilla
Diarrhea with weakness from dehydration: China
Diarrhea, with burning: Phosphorus

Drinks, craves cold drinks: Phosphorus
Drinks, craves, alcoholic: Nux vomica
Drinks, increased thirst; Phosphorus


Eclampsia: ApisCantharis

Edema: Apis, ArsenicumNatrum murRhus tox

Esophagus, burning in: Arsenicum

Excitable, easily: AconiteGelsemium

Eyes, inflammation of the retina: ApisArsenicumCantharisGelsemium
Eyes, sunken and dim after broken sleep, anxiety: Pulsatilla
Eyes, visual disturbances: Calc carbGelsemiumPulsatilla
Eyes, double vision: BelladonnaGelsemium
Eyes, vision, misty: Calc carb


Face, blue discoloration: Phosphorus
Face, yellowish brown spots: Sepia
Face, pain in: Ignatia, Sepia
Face, pain in, with redness, after broken sleep, anxiety: Pulsatilla
Face; swollen: Phosphorus

Fainting: ArsenicumBelladonnaNux vomicaLachesisPulsatillaSepia

Fears and phobias: Aconite, Arsenicum

Fear of drinking water: Phosphorus

Feet, cold: Lycopodium
Feet, cramping of the toes or soles: Calc carb
Feet, lame feeling: Silica
Feet, tearing pain: Phosphorus
Feet, shooting pain: Phosphorus

Fetal motion, early, causes heart palpitations: Sulphur
Fetal motion, mother is too sensitive to it: Sepia
Fetal motion, like a fist: Sulphur
Fetal motion, hurts mother: ArnicaPulsatillaSepiaSilicaStaphisagria
Fetal motion, causes nausea and vomiting: Arnica
Fetal motion, violent: ArsenicumLycopodiumSilica
Fetal motion, like somersaults: Lycopodium
Fetal position, as if lying transverse: Arnica
Fetal position, breech: Pulsatilla
Fetal position, abnormal: AconitePulsatilla

Fever, intermittent, in early months with threatened miscarriage: Pulsatilla

Fingers, tingling and numb: LachesisLycopodiumSepia

Food, aversion to: Ant-tartIpecacLycopodiumNatrum murSepia
Food, aversion to bread: Ant-tartNatrum murSepia
Food, aversion to even the thought or smell of it: Sepia

Food, craves salty food: Natrum mur
Food, craves sour things: Sepia
Food, craves vinegar, pickles, acidic things: Sepia

Food, eating bread, aggravates: Ant tartSepia
Food, eating fruit, leads to gas: China

Food, loathing for: IpecacSepia

Food, slow to digest: Nux vomica

Fright, ailments after getting a fright or emotional shock: GelsemiumIgnatia


Grief bring on pains: Arsenicum
Grief, with weeping, yawning, sighing or hiccoughing: Ignatia
Grief, silent, stoical: Natrum mur


Hair, falling out: LachesisNatrum murSepia.

Headaches: BelladonnaBryoniaCalc carbChamomillaMag phosPulsatillaSepia
Head, feels enlarged, expanded: Arg nit

Head, feels it will burst: Lycopodium

Head pain, throbbing, with heat: Belladonna
Head pain, worse for least motion, even of the eyes: Bryonia
Head pain, tearing, stitching, right side: Sepia
Head pain, better for fresh air: Pulsatilla

Heartburn: ApisArsenicumCarbo veg, Merc vivNux vomicaPulsatilla
Heartburn, with palpitations: Natrum mur

Heart, anxiety felt in the region of: Aconite
Heart, palpitations: Natrum murPhosphorusSepiaSulphur
Heart, palpitations, form first movements of the fetus: Sulphur

Hemorrhoids: Nux vomicaSepia
Hemorrhoids, appear during first month: Lachesis

Herpes outbreak: Sepia
Herpes outbreak, after sun exposure: Natrum mur

Hiccoughs: Nux vomicaIgnatia
Hiccoughs, after emotional shock: Ignatia

Hot flashes, in pregnancy: LachesisSulphur

Hunger, with no appetite: Natrum mur
Hunger, painful, with no appetite: Sepia

Hysteria: GelsemiumIgnatia


Indignation: Natrum murStaphisagria

Insomnia: Aconite, Belladonna,
Insomnia, after a fright: Ignatia
Insomnia, due to leg cramps: Calc CarbChamomillaMag phos


Jaundice: Aconite, Nux vomicaPhosphorus
Jaundice, with anemia: Phosphorus

Jealousy: ApisLachesis


Kidney infections, with fluid retention: Apis

Kidney pain, shooting, during sixth week of pregnancy: Ipecac


Lameness, all over: Ruta

Legs, cramps: Calc CarbGelsemiumMag phosSepia
Legs, cramps in calves: Calc CarbSepia
Legs, cramps in calves, third trimester: Sepia
Legs, heavy, varicose: ArnicaArsenicumCarbo vegPulsatilla
Legs, sciatica: Gelsemium
Legs, varicose veins: ArnicaArsenicumCarbo vegPulsatilla
Legs, weakness, thighs: Ipecac
Legs, weary: PulsatillaSepia

Ligaments, weak or strained: Ruta

Lips, bluish: Phosphorus


Miscarriage, threatened, after:
Anemia: Carbo vegChinaSepia
Anger,intense: AconiteChamomilla
Anger, suppressed: Staphisagria
Cold, becoming very: Aconite
Extreme exhaustion: Merc vivSepia
Falling: Arnica
Flu: Gelsemium
Fright: AconiteGelsemiumIgnatia
Grief: IgnatiaNatrum murStaphisagria
Grief, suppressed: IgnatiaNatrum mur
Hearing unexpected bad news: GelsemiumIgnatia
History of miscarriages, Sepia
Injuries: ArnicaRhus toxPulsatilla
Long term bleeding: Lycopodium
Over excitement: GelsemiumSilica
Over exertion: ArnicaBryoniaRhus tox
Over heating: Bryonia
Physical trauma: Arnica
Prolapse of the uterus: Nux vomicaSepia
Shock: Arnica
Vomiting, prolonged: Ipecac

Miscarriage, threatened, in:
First month: Apis
Early months: ApisSepia
Sixth week: Sepia
Second or Third month : ApisSepia
Third month: Merc viv
Fourth month: ApisSepia
Fifth – seventh months: ApisSepia
Fifth – sixth month: Arsenicum
Sixth month, with pains: Ipecac
Seventh month: RutaSepia
Eighth month: Pulsatilla

Miscarriage, threatened, with:
Convulsions: Ipecac
Cough: Ipecac
Dilated cervix: Pulsatilla
Fear of death: Aconite, Arsenicum
Flow, worse at 3am: Nux vomica
Flow, dark, coagulated: Pulsatilla
Flow, bright alternating with dark, may have clots on motion: Chamomilla
Flow, stops but returns with twice the force: Pulsatilla
Pain, sharp, around navel: Ipecac
Pain, neuralgic: Sulphur
Placenta previa: Nux vomicaSepia
Profuse bleeding: IpecacPhosphorus
Sensation everything would fall out: Sepia
Urinate, constant desire to: Cantharis

Morning sickness: ArsenicumAnt tartIpecacMerc vivNatrum murNux vomicaSulphur
Morning sickness, constant vomiting with no relief: Ipecac
Morning sickness, vomiting watery fluid, frothy watery mucus: Natrum mur
Morning sickness, vomiting small amounts, watery, faint, sickish spells before noon: Sulphur
Morning sickness, vomiting with mucus: Ant tartDrosera


Nausea: Ipecac, Nux vomicaSepia
Nausea, after broken sleep, anxiety: Pulsatilla
Nausea, after ice-cream, fatty foods: Pulsatilla
Nausea, after over eating: BryoniaIpecac
Nausea, after rich food, coffee: Nux vomica
Nausea, constant: IpecacSepia

Navel (belly button) protrudes at night: Sulphur

Neck, pulsating carotids: GelsemiumPhosphorus

Nervousness: Aconite, ArsenicumGelsemium

Nails, bluish: Phosphorus

Nose, nosebleeds: Sepia, Phosphorus
Nose, nosebleeds, after injury: Arnica
Nose, oversensitive to smells: Sepia


Oversensitivity, generally to stimuli: Aconite
Oversensitivity, to smell of food: Sepia


Pelvis, bones feel loose, with lameness: Calc carb
Pelvis, bones feel loose, with stiffness on first moving: Rhus tox
Pelvis, bones feel loose, with pain between right illium and sacrum: Arnica

Pica: Sepia

Placenta, bleeding, after separation: Ipecac
Placenta, pains, as if ulcerated: Pulstilla
Placenta previa: IpecacNux vomicaPhosphorusSepia

Pulse, small after broken sleep and anxiety: Pulsatilla
Pulse, small and slow: Gelsemium


Respiration, asthmatic, wheezing: Carbo veg
Respiration, difficult: ArsenicumLycopodiumNux vomicaPulsatilla
Respiration, difficult due to sticky, stringy yellow green mucus: Kali bich
Respiration, improves when sitting upright: Arsenicum

Restlessness: Aconite, ArsenicumMerc vivRhus tox

Restless legs, when overheated: Sulphur


Sacrum, pains: LedumHypericum
Sacrum pains, gnawing, stiff, extending down thigh, worse standing: Ledum
Sacrum pains, shooting along nerves: Hypericum

Sadness: China, Natrum murPulsatillaSepia
Sadness, after dehydration, loss of fluids: China
Sadness, unexpressed about past events: Natrum mur
Sadness, better for company and fresh air: Pulsatilla
Sadness, with indifference to loved ones: Sepia

Salivation, increased: Ant tart, Merc viv

Sciatica: HypericumMag phos

Sexual intercourse, intense desire for: BelladonnaLachesisMerc vivPhosphorus
Sexual intercourse, painful: Staphisagria

Sinusitus with yellow bland discharge: Pulsatilla
Sinusitus with tough, stringy, yellow green discharge: Kali bich

Skin, yellowish: Phosphorus

Sleepiness: Carbo vegGelsemiumSepia

Soreness, all over: ArnicaRuta
Soreness of muscles, flesh: Arnica
Soreness of ligaments, connective tissue: Ruta

Stomach, empty sensation in: IgnatiaNatrum murPulsatilla
Stomach, bilious: Nux vomica
Stomach, burning: Arsenicum
Stomach, burning, in pylorus with vomiting
Stomach, bursting with wind: Arg nit
Stomach, crampy: Lycopodium

Stumbling, increased: Belladonna


Thirst, strong: BryoniaPhosphorus

Thirstless: ApisPulsatilla

Toes, cramping: Calc carbMag phos

Tongue, tingling, after broken sleep and anxiety: Pulsatilla

Tooth, abscess: Hepar sulphMerc vivSilica

Toothache: AconiteBelladonnaCalc carbChamomillaPulsatillaSepia
Toothache, tearing pain: Sepia


Urine, protein in: Calc carbIpecac
Urine, protein in, late stage of pregnancy, Phosphorus

Urination, difficult: AconiteApisCantharisLycopodiumNatrum murNux vomica
Urination, escapes too quickly: Sepia
Urination, frequent urging: Nux vomicaPhosphorus
Urination, involuntary: ArsenicumBelladonnaPulsatillaNatrum murSepia
Urination, must wake to urinate 12 – 3am: Aconite
Urination, inability to pass urine: Lycopodium
Urination, difficult, with constant pressure and tension in the abdomen: Pulsatilla

Uterus, soreness: ArnicaPulsatillaSilica
Uterus, feels like it will fall out: Sepia
Uterus, inflamed: Phosphorus
Uterus, pain, burning: Bryonia
Uterus, pain, rheumatic, disturbs sleep: Pulsatilla


Varicose veins: ArnicaArsenicumCarbo vegNux vomPulsatilla
Varicose veins, on the nose: Carbo veg
Varicose veins, inflamed: Lachesis
Varicose veins, painful on, legs, thighs, vulva: Lycopodium
Varicose veins, sore, bruised, may ulcerate: Arnica
Varicose veins, with burning pains, worse on thighs: Calc carb
Varicose veins, with stinging pains: Apis
Varicose veins, with stinging, bleed easily: Pulsatilla
Varicose veins, with swelling and itching: Carbo veg
Varicose veins, with swelling, burning, itching, ulcerated, bleeding, smelly: Sulphur
Varicose veins, with vertigo: ArsenicumGelsemiumIpecacNatrum murPhosphorus
Varicose veins, worsen during pregnancy: Sepia

Vagina, itching, during pregnancy: AconiteSepia

Vaginal discharge: PulsatillaSepia

Veins, swelling at the ankles: Lycopodium
Veins, jugular, motion in: Phosphorus

Vertigo: Arsenicum, BelladonnaGelsemiumNatrum mur

Vision, visual disturbances: Calc carbGelsemiumPulsatilla
Vision, double vision: BelladonnaGelsemium
Vision; momentary blindness: Silica
Vision, vision, misty: Calc carb

Vomiting, when fetus moves: Arnica
Vomiting, after over eating: Bryonia
Vomiting, alternates between food and mucus: Natrum mur
Vomiting, food eaten long before: Pulsatilla
Vomiting, long and continued: Kali bich
Vomiting, with deathly nausea, not relieved by vomiting: Ipecac
Vomiting, milky looking vomit: Sepia
Vomiting, with mucus: Ant tartDrosera
Vomiting persistent: Ipecac
Vomiting persistent, late afternoon and evening: IpecacLachesis
Vomiting water: Sepia
Vomiting water, at night: Phosphorus
Vomiting, with burning in the pylorus: Cantharis
Vomiting, with wrenching: ArsenicumCantharisIpecac
Vomiting everything, including water: Ipecac


Weakness: SepiaSulphur
Weakness, caused by vomiting, diarrhoea, loss of fluids: China
Weakness after a short walk: Calc carb

Weepiness: ApisIgnatiaLachesisNatrum murPulsatillaSepia

Weight gain, extreme: Calc carbSepia

Whooping cough, take if you come into contact with it: Drosera


Yeast infection, with lumpy discharge: Sepia