Flying with a little one can be super nerve wracking for parents. That’s why planning ahead as best as you can is key. Being prepared will help you stay calm which helps your little one to stay calm as well.

When I fly with my clients children I go to a shop to buy something small and wrap it up, for instance when we went to Australia I bought 14 small games/toys etc and wrapped them as presents, every hour my charge got a little gift to keep them occupied for the next hour. Sometimes you will actually have things left over as they love the previous toy so much, they may decide to watch some TV, or get distracted by food (that definitely happens with me haha).

The perfect things to buy are crayons, play dough (small pots) , notepads, Gel Clings that can be stuck onto the plane window (these always work a treat!), water colouring pictures – these are great as they dry out and can be coloured in again and again, I buy the ‘Water Wow Book’.


If you don’t wish to buy anything you can make ‘Busy Bags’ at home. Just grab some ziplock bags and each hour create another activity an example that i have just done is below, the flight was only four hours:


1. Farm book with farm finger puppets (we sang the songs and pointed out all the animals in the book, plus had a little tickle session)
2. Lace and Trace Activity Set (Melissa & Doug) – This activity uses so much of their concentration and you get to help them as well, it’s such a celebration when they get the lace through the holes all by themselves, plus there is a range of animals to last the hour.
3. Notebook and Colouring – You cannot go wrong with a simple notepad and crayons.
4. I bought a ‘Day at the airport’ book so we could read it and go through where they had started the morning, what they saw and what to look out for when we arrived.



Snacks & water – Another BIG factor when flying is to keep to your daily routine as much as possible, including snack times, quiet time/movie etc it’s easy to get so nervous we forget about the fact they should of had a snack 30 mins ago and all of a sudden they are having a meltdown and we are not sure why. Keep up with the cues and i’m sure your little one will absolutely love the flight!


Also don’t be afraid to ask the air stewards/stewardesses if you can sit in their seat if its all getting too much for your little one, they air crew are always brilliant and will let you sit in their ‘not so busy’ area so you and little one can have some space for a bit. Planes can be super overwhelming for children (and adults) just by telling them what’s coming next makes a HUGE difference, that way they can prepare and dont feel out of the loop (e.g We are going to get on the plane and I need you to hold Mummy’s book whilst I put the bags in the locker ok? Can you help Mummy? – This way they feel included)



I hope this helps, have an amazing holiday!


Lots of love

Nanny Alex




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