Meet Nanny Alex

I originally wanted to work for MI6 growing up but somehow landed as a Nanny instead, and it’s pretty similar in many ways. I negotiate with humans, learn their languages, infiltrate their environment and then we have a nap and watch Peppa Pig.

On a serious note, I love children and working with parents to help the home become a bit more harmonious or to give parents a break whilst you go for dinner, go on holiday or spend some quality time together.

I have been nannying since 2009 whether it be temp, part time, full time, holiday nannying or maternity nursing with newborns. Children are what I know and love, their love for adventure and learning pulls me in every time. Working with newborns definitely made me fall in love with my choice of work all over again, I have always worked in Private Homes and watching the family grow together has been an ongoing love of mine.

Over the years I have taken my training further and trained as a Sleep Trainer, Non-medical Maternity Nurse and Hypnobirthing Teacher. I love that my career can go in many directions and my support can reach many families in different ways. I have had the privilege of working abroad in Qatar, Dubai and Australia long term as well as mini trips along the way.

A huge perk of my career is how families continue to keep in contact with me over the years and now invite me back whether it be to teach Hypnobirthing, look after their new addition or look after their older children. It is always a joy to go back and visit and get updates on what they are all doing.

In the years I have worked with children I have never felt like I have ‘worked’, I have always enjoyed my job, not many people can get up at 4.30am with a smile on their face and an eagerness to see their mini work colleagues.

It has been a blessing to be part of so many children’s lives and I look forward to following my chosen career path and hopefully meeting you and your family on the way.

If you have any questions please feel free to email I am only an email away!