I have three children two girls and a boy and my house is a place of chaos. Most days there will be a half naked toddler trying to climb onto tables or chasing one of his sisters with a broom, other weapon of choice or torturing the cat.

Most days I am so exhausted by bedtime that I myself am in my pj’s before the kids (is that bad?)

Most days I worry when I go to bed that I have been able to give each child enough love and attention and mummy time

Most days I lie in bed before going to sleep going over my ‘to do’ list of what I forgot to get done that day

Most days I feel like I am playing a mad game of juggling trying to get all of my work done while the girls are at school, spend time with the littlest and run errands before pickup

Most days there will be a moment or two or three where I lose my patience and snap and then feel bad and apologise afterwards

Most days I will be replying to texts and emails in my head to friends and clients that often don’t get sent

Most days I start planning a date night or weekend away with the hubby (in my head) so we can spend some quality time together

Most days I put pressure on myself to do everything perfectly even though I know that perfection does not exist and that trying to get there only hurts me

Most days I decide to cut back on work only to get a new enquiry, project idea or inspiring meeting and remember why I love what I do

Most days I feel grateful for the life I have and the people I share it with I am truly blessed

By Hannah Palamara