This time last year I was pregnant. Although for much of the time I had a text book pregnancy- there were some tricky times. The first three months were governed by morning sickness (beginning at 1am until 10pm) – this was managed by lots of time spent under a duvet and hiding from the world and a diet of sesame seed bagels and spinach and ricotto tortelloni (none of your pumpkin and pine nut or prosciutto and emmental fanciness here!).

The second trimester was a dream- lots of energy, joy, excitement and two lovely little trips to St Tropez and St Lucia. I’m all about the Saints!

The third on the whole was good- my little boy seemed to be moving like a 90’s whistle blowing hooligan stomping and raving about so little sleep occurred. At one point I thought he may be born wearing a shiny black Naf Naf jacket.

So I thought I would put together some of my favourites- by know means are these hard and fast rules- just stuff that worked for me (ps I’m now six months into motherhood and still loving the loungewear!)

The vitamins

When you are pregnant, you are strongly advised to take quite a blend of vitamins to ensure maximum nutrition for you and the baby. I took these Pregnacare Max throughout, mainly because they were always available at my local Boots or Amazon. Added bonus alert- my nails and hair had a mind of their own during my pregnancy- a consistent French manicure (despite filing every couple of days) and my hair- well, quite frankly it was out of control! Around month 4, I made a trip to St Lucia and I am still amazed with the sheer volume on the photos. Is that the beautiful Caribbean ocean? Is that an amazing sunset? Who cares… why is that woman’s hair so big?! I looked like I have gone back to 1993, used my crimpers and brushed it out! Yep- that impressive.

The pillow | Dream Genii

My pregnancy pillow became very much part of the furniture. I purchased it just before half way (around week 20) and got plenty of mileage from it. Our baby seemed to attend a 90’s rave as soon as I laid down to rest, so extra comfort was essential. Much of the advice was telling me to sleep on my left side and I became slightly paranoid about rolling onto my right so the handy design which encourages you to relax into the long wormy bit was great. You can also use it to feed the baby, once baby is here or I’m sure it can be used to create impressive dens, if you have older kidlets.

A rucksack

I quickly found my over stuffed handbag that I would usually fling on one shoulder wasn’t cutting it, especially once I got to the waddling stage. I did try and find a professional alternative as I still had commitments until about month 8 (that required me to leave the house!) but I couldn’t quite pull off the hipster leather number so I dug out my old quiksilver skater rucksack from the late 90s (late teenager party at the back and mid 30s party at the front!) and tried to make it work without looking like an overtired tourist/trainspotter.

Flip flops
Say no more.
And stretch…

A strong selection of lounge wear. Man I love that phrase – lounge wear. Stretchy and loungy and then cosy (if winter) or breathable and sweat friendly if summer.

Sweat friendly is not the most appealing phrase I know (sorry, not sorry- because it is true!)… I had hideous morning sickness in the early days so stuff that I could easily chuck on and bezz down the landing was essential.

Candles and excellent bath stuff

As soon as you get pregnant everyone tells you to rest which (a) can be tricky if you are juggling many projects like I was and resting is not my natural default setting. And (b) if your baby is showing early signs of joining the Cirque du Soleli… it makes napping increasingly difficult.
Having a bath every night actually forced me to stop and rejuvenate. It was 30 minutes of the day just for me and as the mini pal got bigger and started going berserk as I relaxed, it was a lovely bonding moment. This Neal’s Yard Bath Oil was exactly what I needed.

Moisture for the bump

During pregnancy, I was kind of amazed how my body changed. I found it fascinating. I needed moisture- my skin felt really dry, especially around my bump so needed some help. Three that I can recommend are Mama MioCow Shed and Baba Oil. I now used the Baba Oil on my son after his bath every night to soothe him with a little massage. This time is  accompanied by a playlist of songs- me singing..often random songs that I only know half the words to or get half way through and realise the lyrics are totally inappropriate! Incidentally he loves it and acknowledges with a dribbly grin!

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